Christmas Lumber Company was founded in 1926 by James David Christmas. He began his business in Harriman, TN in the Roane Street location that is still used today. He ran the business until 1954, when it was sold to his son-in-law, John Harvey Smith.

In 1976 Christmas Lumber Company purchased Stower’s Lumber Company in Harriman, and they built a new lumber yard where Stower’s had stood. The next step was adding another store, and this was accomplished when Powell-Newman Lumber was purchased in January of 1981. With the new Kingston Pike store, Christmas Lumber Company was better able to serve a growing customer base in Knox County.

On May 12, 2000 Christmas Lumber Company was forced to face a large obstacle, when a fire destroyed the entire Harriman lumber yard, truss shop, equipment, and trucks. However, Christmas Lumber Company remained undaunted, and the yard was completely rebuilt and enhanced to what exists today.

As business continues to grow, Christmas Lumber Company is confident that it will be able to meet the needs of all their customers, and the future is optimistic and bright.



10519 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37922 United States
Christmas Lumber Location
Phone: 865.693.2571
Fax: 865.693.2622

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